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Welcome to Goaland

Guangzhou Goaland Energy Conservation Tech Co., Ltd. (Goaland Shares for short) is a leading professional supplier of pure water cooling equipment for power electronic devices. Goaland adheres to the principle of hard work, creating value for customers, and sharing the happiness of realizing self-value with partners. It is committed to providing professional energy saving products and overall solutions to global customers and becoming the forerunner of the application of new energy and energy-saving technologies.


Its predecessor, Guangzhou Goaland Energy Conservation Tech Co. Ltd., was founded in June 2001. On April 13, 2011, it was changed to a limited liability company. Its HQ is located at Guangzhou Science City, a national high-tech development zone. It has offices and after-sales service centers in Beijing, Shanghai, and Xi’an respectively. In addition, it has wholly-owned subsidiaries of Guangzhou Smart Grid Information Technology Co., Ltd., Yueyang Goaland Energy Conversion Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Goaland Energy Conservation Tech USA  Ltd.

Its boasts Goaland Energy-saving Research Institute for basic research of energy-saving, emission reduction, and efficiency enhancement, new products development, and product testing and Goaland College for talent training. The Company has been recognized by the Guangdong provincial enterprise technology center and approved to construct "Guangdong Electrical Equipment Cooling Engineering Technology R&D Center".

Goaland is a key hi-tech enterprise of China Torch Program. Based on independent R&D and continuous innovation, the Company owns proprietary intellectual property rights and core technologies in terms of its main products. It has made successive breakthrough and obtained more than 100 essential technology patents (including 16 invention patents) and 55 copyrights of software in the field of pure water cooling. The Company has taken part in the drafting and amendment of four national standards and two industry standards. Its technology has reached advanced level nationwide. In particular, ±800kV DC power transmission converter valve pure water cooling equipment has been identified as an internationally advanced product by National Energy Administration. Boasted with an independent research institute namely Goaland Energy-saving Research Institute, and a R&D team with high-quality talents, has established a three-dimensional R&D and technology innovation system in line with the strategies of the Company, regarding independent innovation as the foundation of enterprise core competitiveness.

The products and services of the Company have a broad fieldof application, such as cooling for electronic devices in power generation, transmission, distribution, and utilization. After accumulation and development for many years, the Company provides Chinese well-known electrical machinery and equipment manufacturers with supporting products, technologies, and services with long-term and stable cooperation. To expand into international markets, it has started comprehensive cooperation with internationally well-known enterprises in aspects of product research, standard certification, program design, interaction experiments, running experiments, engineering volume production, and product life cycle. It has formed a complete business system in the field of pure water cooling equipment for power electronic devices, integrating R&D, design, manufacturing, marketing, and after-sales services, who takes the lead in terms of comprehensive competitiveness in the industry. It has passed ISO9001:2008, ISO14001:2004, OHSAS18001:2007, and Enterprise (Level 2) Certification of Safety Standardization of Machinery Manufacturing Enterprises and received the titles of Guangzhou Innovative Enterprise, Model Enterprise of Intellectual Property of Guangzhou Development Zone, A Level Taxpayer, Software Enterprise, and Bank AAA Credit Enterprise.

Goaland takes it as its own responsibility to save the nation by engaging in industry and rejuvenate the nation by science and technology. We use our wisdom to continuously innovate, promote the development of green and low carbon economy, build a new life of energy conservation and environmental protection, and strive for the happiness of ourselves and our families.

Yueyang Base

Yueyang Goaland Energy Conversion Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., founded in 2012, is located at Hunan Chenglingji Industrial Zone covering an area of 220 mu (about 14.6 hectares) and serving as the global manufacturing supply base of Guangzhou Goaland Energy Conservation Tech Co., Ltd. Based on advanced automation equipment and information system, Yueyang Goaland aims to build a flexible production platform meeting the requirements of volume production and customization. After full operation, Yueyang Goaland will have an annual production capacity of 8 sets of DC transmission converter valve water cooling equipment, 100 sets of pure water cooling equipment with flexible AC transmission and distribution and thyristor valve, 3000 sets of new energy water cooling equipment for frequency converter and 200 sets of water cooling equipment for high power electrical drive inverter.


Energy-saving Research Institute

Goaland Energy-saving Research Institute is a comprehensive and professional technology innovation R&D base, specializing in the basic research, new products R&D, product testing in the areas of energy-saving and cooling, power quality control, and energy efficiency management informatization. It has several key laboratories, such as R&D center, testing center, technology result room, industrial control simulation lab, EMC lab, water quality performance lab, physical & chemical lab, low temperature environment lab, heat load lab, high temperature environment lab, and measuring instrument lab. It is devoted to developing the most advanced research institute and most authoritative testing center in China.

The research institute is customers-centered, market-oriented, and benefit-driven and adheres to independent innovation. Over the past ten years, its product engineering performance was ranked the first for nearly 50 international and domestic items. And it has mastered and owned nearly 100 core technologies in the areas of energy-saving and cooling, and power quality control.


R&D Ability


Goaland College


“The road ahead will be long and our climb will be steep." As the forerunner in the area of water cooling and energy-saving, Goaland knows well that only by continuous study and acceptance of new things can we have strong fighting capacity and unlimited creativity. Therefore, Goaland College hosts relevant internal training and lectures so as to strengthen the overall quality of personnel and the working competence of the management.

"Cover large distances in small steps. Without small streams, there would be no oceans and seas." Goaland is convinced that continuous learning is a life attitude, while continuous improvement is a lifestyle. The improvement of comprehensive quality of staff, cultivation of correct life concept, and growth together with staff are the foundation of steady development, innovation, and core competitiveness. Hence, we can pursue and realize higher Goaland dreams.