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[Win-winCooperation] Goaland Cooperates with Goldwind to Create Smart Energy

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On July 28, 2016, Yueyang Goaland Energy Conversion Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd. (Goaland Yueyang) and Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd. (Goldwind) held a grand signing ceremony for smart energy projects in Yueyang.


General Manager Cao from Goldwind and Chairman Li from Goaland Shares signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Mr. Li Zhijian, Deputy Secretary of the CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee and First Secretary of the Working Committee of Chenglingji New Port District attended and addressed the ceremony. Officials from the New Port District, Mr. Cao, General Manager of Wind Turbine Unit and Executive Vice President of Goldwind, Chairman Li of Goaland Shares and management of both companies witnessed the signing.


Officials from CPC Yueyang Municipal Committee and Chenglingji New Port District attended the ceremony

Unite Wisdom and Make aWin-win Future

Goldwind Science & Technology Co., Ltd. is one of the earliest enterprises in China, engaging in wind turbine research, development and manufacturing. It is now one of the leading wind turbine manufacturers in the world and is committed to becoming an international integrated solutions provider for clean energy and energy saving and environmental protection.


General Manager Yang of Goldwind and General Manager Tang of Goaland Yueyang signed for the smart energy projects.

Goldwind is one of the key customers of Goaland, and two companies have cooperated for more than 10 years. The smart energy project negotiation between Goaland Yueyang and Goldwind has lasted for a year. As the first microgrid project in megawatts of capacity in Hunan Province, the project will adopt photovoltaic power generation system + storage system + cool storage (heat storage) + charging pile + microgrid control system. The average annual generating capacity of photovoltaic systems is about 1.459 million kWh. In the 25-year life of the project, the total generating capacity will reach 36,469,000 kWh that will provide clean energy for Goaland's park in Yueyang, effectively conserve energy consumption of Goaland and achieve great effect of green energy. The project is expected to reduce 469 tons/year of standard coal use, 1,230 tons/year of carbon dioxide emissions, 39 tons/year of sulfur dioxide emissions, and 355 tons/year of soot emissions. With a total investment of RMB 20.65 million, the construction will commence in October, and the project will be put into operation in March, 2017.


Goldwind representatives visited Goaland plant in Yueyang

After completion, the project will become an exemplary drive to the market development of Goaland's new products (cool storage system, charging pile, etc.) The two sides will step into long-term strategic cooperation in smart microgrid, cool storage, water cooling and other fields to jointly promote market and application. Promote green development with green manufacturing and practice the sustainable development strategy of China.


Goaland plant in Yueyang

Energy-saving Manufacturing and Green Park

Yueyang Goaland Energy Conversion Equipment Manufacturing Co., Ltd., (Goaland Yueyang) as the future global manufacturing supply base of Goaland Shares, covers a total area (under planning) of 220 mu (approx. 146,667 square meters). The 120 mu (approx. 80,000 square meters) of phase I will be put into use in March 2017. Focusing on intelligence, low carbon, high efficiency and recycling as its goal, Goaland Yueyang, with the support of Goaland Shares, will gradually become an independent high-tech company to make its presence on the global market that integrates R&D, manufacture, sales and services.


Goaland workshop in Yueyang



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