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[Sail and Set Off] Sea Breeze Promotes New Energy, Goaland Explores England

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As the world's leading supplier of pure water cooling equipment for power electronics, Goaland is the provider of all water cooling equipment for the STATCOM in two offshore wind farms, Burbo Bank and ROW01 in the UK. To date, the water cooling equipment for the STATCOM in Phase I Burbo Bank has arrived at the site, ready for the installation and commissioning that come later soon. The water cooling equipment for STATCOM in Phrase II ROW01 is all set and ready to travel across the ocean to England.


STATCOM water cooling equipment of Goaland

The United Kingdom is one of the world's leading country with the most rapid development of offshore wind power. The total installed capacity of offshore wind farms has exceeded 200 million kilowatts, and is expected to reach 10 million kilowatts by the end of 2019. It is expected that in the next 10 years, offshore wind power will account for 17% to 20% of UK's electricity generation.


London Array offshore wind farm in Kent, UK

Located in Liverpool Bay, UK on the east coast of the Irish Sea, the offshore wind farm Burbo Bank originally had an installed capacity of 90MW before it was planned to be expanded to 250MW in 2009. As the newly installed wind turbines will cause the voltage fluctuation of the onshore grid transmission system, a +/-65Mvar STATCOM is designed to control the voltage and provide reactive power before turbine connection. Located in a place near Skegness, 28 km from the coast of Lincolnshire, the ROW01 offshore wind farm with a total capacity of 573.3 MW is designed to add a 120Mvar STATCOM in 2013 to meet the relevant technical requirements for the local wind farm to connect to the grid in the UK.


Acceptance of Goaland water cooling equipment by owner

Goaland takes the responsibility to save the nation by engaging in industry and revitalizing the country through science and technology. We actively participate in the European market competition, and, owing to our good reputation and excellent performance, was awarded the above two contracts. We will continue to forge ahead with innovation, promote green low-carbon economic development, and build energy-saving and eco-friendly new life.


Goaland engineer and water cooling equipment



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