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Goaland Helps Promote the Commercialization of Offshore Wind Power Market in China

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On November 17, 2015, the first commercial offshore wind turbine in China—the first 5MW wind turbine of Fujian Pinghai Bay offshore Wind Power Project—succeeded in lifting and began to debug. With powerful R&D strength and engineering operation experiences, the offshore wind turbine provides solutions to facilitate the commercialization of offshore wind power market in China promoted market-oriented, commercial track of offshore wind power in China.

Wind power is a renewable energy developing at the highest speed throughout the world. Offshore wind power represents the highest level of wind power technology at present. Adverse operation environment requires equipment with high reliability, easy installation, and convenient maintenance.


China has abundant offshore wind resources. Eastern coastal areas, especially coastal beaches and waters of Jiangsu and Fujian own the favorable conditions for wind power generation. According to the preliminary investigation of China Meteorological Administration, the installed capacity of wind turbines in coastal water with a depth from 5 to 25 meters is about 200 million kilowatts at 50 meters above sea level and 500 million kilowatts at 70 meters above sea level. The market size of offshore wind power is enormous but the risk is huge as well.

As an internationally leading supplier of water cooling equipment, Goaland has commenced the R&D and engineering application of offshore water cooling equipment years ago. And it undertook the project of Reliable Research of Offshore Wind Power Water Cooling System in 2015.

The official launch of offshore wind power project in Pinghai Bay, Fujian has filled the gap of domestic commercial offshore wind power, representing the official advancement of wind power construction from inland to offshore. Meanwhile, as the supplier of the first commercial offshore wind turbine water cooling solution in China, Goaland will provide powerful support to develop Chinese offshore wind power industry based on its demonstration effect and sufficient accumulative experience.



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