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HVDC converter water cooling plant

Converter valve is a bridge arm of three-phase bridge converter to realize conversion current and basic equipment unit of a converter to realize the conversion between AC and DC. Its safe running plays a core role in the overall DC transmission. A safe and reliable closed loop water cooling system can precisely control the temperature, flow, and quality of cooling water, control and protect system and communication, maintain normal function of converter valve, a core part in HVDC system, and serve as the foundation of the stable running of HVDC system.

project case

  • Gaoling Converter Station

  • Golmud Converter Station

  • Kumul Converter Station

  • Korean 80KV DC

  • Mujia Station DC

  • Nanao Island Flexible DC

  • Pu'er Converter Station

  • Qingdao Converter Station

  • Xiluodu Converter Station

HVDC transmission is the advanced and energy-saving power transmission and transformation technology in the world at present. 



Cooling capacity

1500 - 7500kW

Cooling water flow

100 - 600m3/h

Cooling water conductivity


Rated temperature of valve

 inlet of cooling water

25 - 55

Rated temperature of valve 

outlet of cooling water

35 - 65

Cooling water supply 


6 - 10bar