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Talent Strategy

Along with the enhancement and amplification of power electronic equipment, good heat dissipation is the key to the efficiency and reliability of equipment. Goaland is committed to continuously provide global customers with pure water cooling equipment and integrated solutions.


We are proud of being Goalanders when our water cooling equipment plays a leading role in the cooling of new energy power generation worldwide.

We clearly know how much hope and responsibilities are on our shoulders when Goalanders dedicate themselves to the great West-East Power Transmission Project.

When Goaland's flag is flying over more than 20 countries including America, Germany, France, and Japan, we know that Goaland not only shoulders the responsibility of an enterprise, but also the mission of great rejuvenation of our national industry!


Goaland has devoted itself to water cooling for more than ten years. Now, we are about to get listed. A new era and a new journey are approaching. And we still have to make progress towards our goal of being centennial enterprise and worldwide famous brand. Goaland will continue become the pioneer for application of new energy and energy-saving technology and become the high-tech enterprise respected globally.


Centuries have passed away. Ambitions will not fade away.

The glorious past of Goaland was inseparable from the perseverance and unity of Goalanders.

The present of Goaland is inseparable from hard-working and excellent Goalanders.

The future of Goaland is inseparable from the passion and dream of Goalanders.


If you have a strong will, passion, unswerving determination, and perseverance, join us. Together with all Goalanders, let's think calmly with our passionate hearts, build up our careers, and realize our ambitious dreams.

Welcome to Goaland!

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